Monday, June 1, 2015

CEO’s: 3 Tips to Luring the: BEST TECH TALENT!

As CEO of a business focused on technology or utilizing the ever evolving world of technology, you know that it is of paramount importance to your company to recruit the technology innovators out there to propel your company to the next level and innovate to succeed.  Your business’ future depends on it.   "As a graduate student in Northwestern's Medill Integrated Marketing Communications [IMC] program with an interest in digital, I have found two insightful articles on what your next great hires are looking for from your company."  

What does Aaron Hernandez have to do with your company recruiting great talent? The Millennial generation wants more from your company. They need to know who they are working for and what that company stands for. This article about how millennials are turning off to the NFL because of scandal and lack of transparency from the organization highlights why the public impression of your organization matters. Millenials will judge your company based on its actions.

Millennials are also savvy when it comes to who to work for and who to run from even from a first impression. This article points out how educated in demand employees may be looking at your hiring managers or team. The article points out that valid reasons for leaving an interview are feeling insulted or intimidated. Making sure you have the right individuals interviewing is key to recruiting the best talent, especially among savvy Millennials. 

Based on these ideas in these articles and my experience at NU IMC I would recommend:
Start from inside: Look at what your organization is saying to the public. Change what needs to be change and foster the positives that already exist.
Shape your image: Once you’ve got your best image bearing fruit within the organization, make sure others can see it. Engage your potential hires on social and let them know why you are the company they should be longing to work for.
Make the Best First Impression: Make sure that those recruiting candidates are competent and trained to give the best impression to candidates. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste because of an awkward interview.

Whether you are at the helm of a tech giant or the next big thing that is now just a start-up, you know that the talent you attract and retain will determine your future trajectory. Make the most of what you have to work with and wow that talent. Make your company so enticing the brightest Millennials will be chasing after you.

Erin Moran is a current master student in Northwestern University, studying marketing and communications. Erin has over a decade of experience in management consulting and strategic marketing planning. She is dedicated in delivering actionable strategies and in-depth insights through data-driven methods. Feel free to comment and re-post. Follow Erin on twitter and LinkedIn