Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cloud computing is not just for large organizations anymore

As a CIT executive, the use and integration of cloud computing into your organization is a hot topic. As a graduate student studying integrated marketing communication, I found a up-to-date IT system is important for internal communication. Before put company on cloud, there are definitely things you should know before going to cloud computing.

Cloud computing has two different approaches, including:
  • Public cloud: the cloud infrastructure is owned by an organization selling cloud. It means Software as a Service (SaaS) applications suites.
  • Private cloud: the cloud infrastructure is operated solely for one organization. It means Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) projects that have to be installed into a company’s existing systems.
Of course every business can benefit from cloud computing, but cloud’s advantages apply more to small business while small business suffer less from the cloud’s disadvantages.

It's time for small business on cloud

As a IT decision maker for your company, there are recommendations for you:

1.Spend time on valuable tasksThe leaders of small business are always too busy to handle every thing. Think about what was the last time you update your IT system. Put your company on cloud you might save tons of time. You can focus on critical business strategies, which will ultimately make your company more profitable.

2. Technology can help: Out-of-date technology system may affect company’s efficiency. With cloud, small business can have cutting edge technology as well as ease the demands on in-house IT department. 

3. Understand your needs of technology: Small business usually has limited budget. But if you know what you want then it is going to worth every dollar you spend. Discuss with expert right away. You can choose public cloud, business pay only for the capacity they use at given time, which is much inexpensive. Or you can choose private cloud, which is safer. Or you can even choose hybrid strategy that meets their needs.

If you are not comfortable with that, choose one or two of your business applications to replace and see how it works. Hopefully you can find the best solution for your business.

Evan Cheng is an Integrated Marketing Communications student living in Chicago.  He is interested in data analytics and customer behavior.  You can reach him with questions or comments on Twitter @ck900789.

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