Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Future of Television: How Netflix is Changing the Distribution Game

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TV Networks are a Dinosaur!
Traditional television networks are quickly becoming a thing of the past as digital streaming services like Netflix gain viewers. Producers are quickly adopting these new distribution channels for their new series.

Adios Content Censorship!
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Stop pandering to traditional distributors and their advertisers by going online to distribute without fear or advertiser pullout or censorship. With no interference from outside sources, producers are free to explore new areas of entertainment, some riskier than others, and can do so without worrying about being called into a network executive’s office for a rewrite to remove “offending” content.

Stay Alive!
Reach new demographics and viewers that are heavily invested into streaming media like Netflix to ensure longevity of a television series. Netflix has recently gained more viewers than many other traditional networks, and the numbers are projected to grow as more people dump their expensive cable systems for instant, online streaming.

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Here are my recommendations:
1.  I would change the title.  You are trying to reach executives so the title about netflix is too narrow.  The reader might think they know the Netflix story and not open your.  I would recommend a title like "CEOs - New Tech is Changing Television Forever.   Or The TV model is changing - don't be left behind.  or something like that.
2.  You need to have an involving first paragraph to get their attention and to establish your expertise.  Sentence 1 should directly talk to the targeted reader.  Something like "As a CEO, it is vital you monitor and take advantage of key changes in the way media is distributed to your customers and prospects.  or something like that.  The second sentence should establish your expertise and focus on the topic.  Something like As a student in Northwestern's Medill IMC marketing program, I have been monitoring the changes Netflix and similar companies are using to revolutionize television.  This will focus them on the subject and on your research.
3.  Paragraphs 2 and 3 were supposed to cover two articles.  I don't see two but there is one at the end of the blog.  You need to have one paragraph on the article.  Cite it and the authos and summarize that it says.  When you cite it, make the citation an active link opening to a new window.  Use the link icon in blogger to embed it.
4.  AFTER the two analysis paragraphs, you need to give them 3 bullet points.  These are action items they can implement immediately.  Start it with "From my analysis of these articles and my marketing work at Northwestern, here are three action items you need to implement immediately.
5.  After that, you need a short, concise summary paragraph reminding them to take action.
6.  THEN you need a paragraph, in italics, which summarizes who you are.  Tell them you current position at Northwestern, your career aspirations, and give them your twitter handle.

Labels look good.

Make these changes ASAP

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