Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Content Marketers: 3 Key Action Items on Writing the Best Blog Possible

As content marketers and bloggers, whether fledgling or veteran, we all face the same issues: getting going on writing the best blog possible. As an undergrad in the Northwestern Integrated Marketing Program I’ve received rigorous training in writing and have found two great articles that I found useful, and think you can, too.

Veronica May wrote a great article, “10 insights on How to Attract More Traffic with Distinctive Writing,” published on Jeff Bullas’ website. In the article she wrote about how important it is to have a distinctive voice in one's writing. She emphasized the great benefits that having a personal style can have with regards to marketing content and creating loyal readers. According to the article, a distinct style will attract repeat visitors who not only drive traffic, but also attract other readers and are willing to defend you against any detractors.

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Tam Henderson wrote, “This is How to Cure Content Cringe: 4 Quick Reminders” on the Social Media Today website. The article does a great job to encourage reluctant writers to pursue better writing skills through various means. She encourages readers to practice writing and to be confident about one’s own writing ability, as that's what will lead you to success. The article reminds us that everyone has their own way of looking at things, and this is something that is valuable to others when you present it in a well written manner.

Following an analysis of these two articles and as an undergrad studying marketing, I have three recommendations you should consider when struggling to write another blog:

Practice! Practice! Practice! - The best way to improve any skill is by doing it over and over again. Don’t just read blogs on how to write, but actually put pen to paper, hand to keyboard, and force those words out.

Embrace your style – Don’t try to simply emulate another successful blogger, or try to rid your writing of your personal style. Your style will make your blog posts unique, and will draw repeat visitors. As Jeff Bullas wrote in his own blog, “distinctive is memorable.”

Everyone’s a critic – Don’t worry about being criticized, and don’t let it discourage you from writing. Great content gets great results, and you’ll know when you’re on the right path.

As a Northwestern University student and fledgling marketer I think these three tips can be really helpful in getting going on a blog post.

I’m an undergraduate at Northwestern University on my way to completing the Integrated Marketing Certificate offered by the Medill School of Journalism. I’ll be graduating in June 2016, but before then I’m diligently studying Social Marketing. You can find me on Twitter @AgataNartowska


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