Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How the Next Five Years Will Change How We Watch TV Forever

Every executive in television entertainment knows that media consumption patterns are changing in response to the emergence of new technologies. How industry players will respond will prove to be incredibly crucial.

Hello, my name is Amon Jones  and as an undergraduate at Northwestern University studying Broadcast Journalism and pursuing a certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications, I have found two articles that I think are very useful.

This article offers new possibilities on how advertisers could change the way they buy air time on traditional networks. Poggi addresses how to incorporate data into purchasing decisions, how many ads should be featured during a show, how to produce the most engaging ads, what role programmatic or automated ads could play and what the near future will look like during upfront presentations. The piece concludes by weighing different options between airing less commercials or choosing to display more native advertising like branded content and integration into storylines.


HBO and Discovery Communications plan to develop and distribute original holographic content across television, mobile, web, social and virtual reality and augmented reality wearable devices. President of HBO programming, Michael Lombardo said “Otoy has a roadmap for the future of entertainment and technology. Their creativity and drive perfectly aligns with HBO’s.” As a part of the deal, Otoy is working with John Stewart on the development of short form content for HBO digital services as well. The hope from both networks is to create programming that keeps up with technological innovation to create a more immersive experience for all audiences.

As a journalism student who’s worked in sports, entertainment and political television coverage, next time you start a new creative project I suggest you incorporate:
·      More branded content
·      Multi-platform storylines
·      Virtual Reality/3D Viewing

All aspects of TV watching are subject to dramatic change and revolutionary changes, it’s time to choose: Will you be a pioneer or a late-adapter?

Amon Jones, Graduate from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in June 2016, pursuing a career in entertainment TV production.

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