Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tips to Help Small Businesses Taking Advantage of Holiday Season

Holiday season is always the period of time that business can boost their sales. As a CIT executive, managing the logistic system and leveraging data are the most important issues. As a graduate student studying integrated marketing communication, I found better shipping process and high customer satisfaction will let company stand out.

Small businesses are always too busy to deal with the boosted sales in holiday season because they have limited human resources. For the reason, I recommend three tips for small business to optimize their system.

Preparing for big holiday sale

  • Integrate All Selling Channels.
    If you are selling your products through different channels, considering using a software that can manage all your orders at the same place. In such way, you can manage orders more efficiently and optimize shipping and packing process with a click.
  • Use Data to Drive Up Customer Satisfaction.
    Customer data can be used to make improvement. For example, customers will feel totally different if their name can be remembered by company.
  • Use A Thermal Label Printer.
      If you are printing labels on a laser printer, consider switching to a thermal printer.  These printers can speed up label generation and they don’t use ink. What’s more, thermal printer saves a huge amount of time compare to laser printer.

Those tips will help you win the battle of holiday season. But remember, you still need to find what fit your company most. And after that, it's time to see your sales going sky high!

Evan Cheng is an Integrated Marketing Communications student living in Chicago.  He is interested in data analytics and customer behavior.  You can reach him with questions or comments on Twitter @ck900789.


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