Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Agency CEO:3 keys to drive business results from social strategy


      As agency CMO, you have noticed that Social media platforms reveal great opportunity for promoting the brand and many companies consider social media as main marketing efforts. But how to drive business results effectively from social media worth attention. From integrate marketing communication perspective, we should develop social media marketing strategy base on fully understanding of consumer.

      As a student in The Medill Integrated Marketing Communication Program of Northwestern University, specializing in digital marketing, I have found two interesting articles that give advice on driving business results from social strategy.

      The first article is: “How Brands Using Social Media Ignite Marketing and Drive Growth: Measurement of Paid Social Media Appears Solid but Are the Metrics for Organic Social Overstated?” Author: Gian M. Fulgoni, Publisher: ComScore, Inc.
      It mainly discusses the social media has brought new ways of marketing and amplify the effects of traditional marketing. It also compares the organic and paid efforts in social media.

      The article two is “Building digital brand engagement: A journey from social media insights to leverage brand engagement”Author: Federico Barallobre
Publisher: PepsiCo
      It introduces seven drivers of engagement to think and act differently to appeal to consumer and engage them digitally.

      After reviewing this article and from my experience in Northwestern Integrate Marketing Communication program, I have developed three action items that you need to consider, they are:
  • Take innovative marketing action. To attract people’s attention and go virus, innovation is the first thing to consider.
  • Connect with media influencer. Cooperation with influencers can expose the brand to huge amount of followers and drive business results directly. 
  • Corporate with traditional marketing efforts. Integrate marketing is customer centered and combine the efforts from traditional and digital marketing to influence your target customer in different aspects, and thus drive the best business results.  

     We should manage the social media platform as effective way to promote the brand and drive market revenue. Most importantly, consider from the consumer perspective to achieve better results.

Yawen Gan, MS in Integrated Marketing Communication from Medill, Northwestern University. She has great interest and passion on digital and social marketing and want to explore the opportunity in social platform.
Twitter: Mia@MiaYawengan

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