Sunday, November 8, 2015

CEO in tech companies: 3 tips for C-suites renovation

Cybersecurity and information visualization are two trends that hit the technology industry real hard in a bad and a good way respectively. I'm Northwestern University Medill MSJ graduate student, and I found two articles that share new insights of c-suites to catch these two trends.     
The first article CIO as chief integration officer, A new charter for IT” by Khalid Kark and Peter Vanderslice, published on Deloitte University Press, provides a new interpretation of the CIO role. Chief information officer used to be responsible for technology issues but is now collaborating with other departments in a business unit. The new CIO is not just a information officer but the “chief integration officer” as well. At the end of the article, the authors share that c-suites members were mainly from business backgrounds, but with the escalating cyber risk issues CIOs should own "a crucial part of business".

CIOs take the role of "chief integration officer" in the suite. (Image by Deloitte University Press)

    Another article “7 New Faces in the C-suite” by tech reporter Sharon Florentine on introduces a new list of chief officer positions that companies should consider adding to their C-suites. Technology industry is transforming from stem (science technology engineering and math) to steam, adding "a" for fine arts. In the article, Florentine introduces chief data officers, chief digital officers, chief product officers and more to help with the transition.Based on the two articles above and my experience from Medill Northwestern University , I want to share three tips with the CEOs in technology industry:

  • Catch the trend: Find experts in cybersecurity and information visualization fields will help the companies stay upwind. 
  • Think outside the suites: The C-suites need more than business personalities since works in other fields need to be done perfectly too.
  • Collaborate: Embrace, work and communicate with other experts to make better decisions and keep the business move forward.

        Technology industry is changing fast. To ensure your company stay in good shape, the leadership should definitely keep up with new features.

My name is Eve Fan. I'm a graduate journalism student at Medill School of Journalism, Media, and Integrated Communications with a focus on media production, data, interactive journalism. I'm currently a technology industry business reporter at Medill Reports Chicago ( Find me on Twitter @EveY_Fan or connect with me on LinkedIn.


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