Monday, November 23, 2015

Should you dump your new Volkswagen TDI

What do you do as a Volkswagen TDI owner? Should you stop driving your new TDI VW so you can stop the pollution? Or should you keep using it knowing that it pollute much more than a V8 Suburban? Wondering are people going to judge you if you do? I’m a candidates for Northwestern University, Medill Integrated Marketing Communication with a huge passion on automobiles.

These are two articles that I suggest you reading.
The first one is called "your guide to dieselgate: Volkswagen's Diesel Cheating Catastrophe". I think this can help you understanding the issue better. It's a full description of the whole story of TDI's Diesel engine cheating. Including the technique VW use to cheat and what vehicles are effected. 
The second one is called "Car Makers Attack 'Anti-Diesel' Campaign" It gives out the facts how consumers are treating diesel cars in their mind and how World Health Organisation leads air pollution to heart disease, cancer and asthma. 
1.       Keep your car.
2.       Take action fast.
3.       Trust the true.
Design engine is clean. Just because VW cheats on their diesel engine doesn’t mean we should stop buying diesel car in general. As a VW TDI owner, do what you have to do and don’t hesitate when a diesel car catch your eyes next time.
Candidates for Northwestern University, Integrated Marketing Communication.
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