Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Tool to Achieve High Marketing ROI for Fashion/Luxury Industry

New marketing opportunities have opened its door to fashion industry – low cost, high impression. Fashion industry, particularly luxury goods segment has been heavily rely on print media, such as fashion magazines and outdoor advertising as its major marketing channels, which reaches very limited recipients with relatively high cost. It leaves one question: how to achieve high marketing ROI for fashion goods/luxury goods?

Visual is the key for fashion industry. As more brands opening facebook page for its brand, sharing brand videos, news and pictures, the power of “like” cannot be neglected. Looking deeper into social media, facebook’s target audience is relatively broad. My suggestion is to affiliate with Pinterest. The high quality visual not catches attention but also effectively direct people to the owned website – a transaction to ensue.

So here are some suggestions for effectively using Pinterest for fashion marketing:
  •         Good visual – either a product picture or street fashion photography would work effectively to catches “like” “repin” and website direction even transaction.

  •         Pin in the right time – pin in the early morning, late afternoon and late at night, when fashionholics are most likely to scrolling pins.

  •         Pin frequency is more important than volume – this is to help maintain a consistent “share of voice” in a long run and therefore increase the probability of a transaction.

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