Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Brides-to-Be: 3 Ways to Appreciate Your Bridesmaids

When you're planning a wedding, your mind is abuzz with timelines, vendors, and cost-cutting measures; the last thing you're thinking about is whether or not you're being a Bridezilla to your 'maids.

As a bridal accessories designer and wedding expert, I've done quite a bit of research in this field, and my advice is to remember the sacrifices your bridesmaids are making, and show them a little appreciation.

According to 10 Ways to be the Coolest Bride Ever - From Your Future Bridesmaid by Himani Amoli, pampering your bridesmaids with drinks, gifts, and parties is a must. She writes, "Shower us with presents! While we love doing this for you, it’s nice to get some gifts for helping you out," and "We won’t say no to some drinks, snacks, and extra pampering." While I'm sure these gestures would be appreciated, making the wedding all about your bridesmaids just might make you feel resentful in the end.

A second article entitled Top Ten Ways to Thank Your Bridesmaids by Borrowed and Blue offers similar advice, including buying them unique bridesmaids gifts in addition to treating them to manicures and pedicures. All of these tips are creative, well-meaning, and certainly generous, but may just leave you feeling broke! Plus, spending more cash or dishing out extra gifts won't necessarily convey your sincere appreciation. Money can't buy happiness!  

After reviewing these articles and drawing on my experience in the wedding industry, I would suggest three thoughtful ways to appreciate your bridesmaids, without spending a dime:

1. Allow your bridesmaids to express their own individual style. 
This means offering more than one bridesmaid dress and allowing them to choose their own jewelry and shoes {because, let's face it, this isn't Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. One size or one style does NOT fit all}.

2. Don't make them get an updo.
While this piggybacks off of the "true-to-their-style" motto from above, it goes even beyond that. Updos are not only expensive, ranging from $60 to $80, they do not flatter everyone. 

3. Let them sit with their dates at the reception.
Instead of a long, banquet style head table where you are on display and can only speak to the two people seated on either side of you, opt for a family head table or sweetheart table. Not only will your bridesmaids thank you, their dates will, too!

Sound easy enough? It is! These three things are of no cost to you, but will mean the world to your bridesmaids. And you know what just might happen? No signs of resentment as they run errands with you, help you tie ribbons, hold your flowers...etc., knowing that you value their friendship and care about their happiness, too. No signs of Bridezilla.

Happy planning!

Jill Kruidenier works full-time in online marketing, studies part-time for a Master’s in Integrated Marketing Communications, minds her Etsy shop, Jill’s Boutique, and blogs about weddings, weekends, and whatever comes to mind. Oh, and she also fits in time with her family and friends. 24 hours is not nearly enough time in one day, but she wouldn’t have it any other way! Check out her personal blog, With Love from Jill, and feel free to contact her through Twitter @jillkruidenier.


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