Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Marketers: The Top Trends of 2014 That Will Change What You Know!

The world of marketings is always evolving, but in 2014 and onward, things are going to start to change ranging from new trends to even new technology that will be used that will definitely change the way we all view our high value target markets! As a graduate student in the Northwestern Medill IMC program with an interest in technology and innovation, I have found two articles on 2014 tech trends and technology that you will find interesting and beneficial for your future campaigns.

In this article, The Top 7 Online Marketing Trends that will Dominate 2014 by Forbes, written by Jayson DeMers, he definitely tries to demonstrate the Top 7 trends that will change the way marketers think of digital marketing.  To be honest, these are his predictions, but at the same time these are things that I have even personally seen being used by other brands and marketers as of late.  
He provides a deep-dive of the new dominate technologies that will dominate the world of marketing in 2014.  They range from content marketing, diversity in social media marketing, image-centric, mobile-friendly content as well as ad retargeting methods throughout advertising.  So much has happened in the world of digital marketing in the past few years, but 2014 is the year that things will definitely change.  Are you ready? Let me know what you think of these new dominate advertising items! Tweet me!

Apple will soon be releasing the long awaited...APPLE WATCH at the end of 2014/start of 2015!  In this article posted by Tech Radar, Apple Watch release date, news and features by Matt Swider, provides us with some insights on how this watch could revolutionize the way we see Apple and its apps!  The Apple Watch is by no means revolutionary since Motorola and Samsung have released a watch, but everyone has been talking about it and waiting for the release of it.  Everyone is excited about it because they will be the first to have a variety of styles and format in comparison to others.  The Apple Watch will definitely change the world of applications and how they are viewed.  A lot of marketers and brands will need to change the way their apps are formatted or viewed, but either way...the Apple Watch will definitely disrupt the world of technology and marketing!  What do you think of the new Apple watch? Will it disrupt the app world? Tweet Me!

As you can see, marketing has definitely made a huge turn for the best in 2014! It seems like every year marketers are having to change their mind-set on how marketing works and new fun different ways to create campaigns.  Marketing campaigns from 2010 are not the same ones used in 2014 and moving forward.  Thus, I think we need to do the following:

Learn about the new trends that are dominating brands in 2014...we have to know how they work in order to properly execute winning campaigns/content.

These are new trends that some marketers have been using but it doesn't mean we all know how to use it for our brands.  So test it out! See what works and what sticks to your campaigns! Don't be afraid to test before you execute.

Well, aside from us learning about these trends and technology, we need to educate everyone around us.  There is always that one person that doesn't understand how it works...so, learn it so you can educate your team and/or department

Follow these three steps: Learn, Test and Educate before its too late! This should hopefully help every new and old marketer with their brand/service future planning.  Things are always changing and I believe, as a digital marketer and a graduate student at Northwestern IMC that we all need to follow these steps in order to ensure the success of our own brands.  If you are happy with plateau results and staying and using the same content and technology...then go for it! But if you want to be part of the trend...learn, test and educate yourself and spread the word about these trends and technology.  Things are changing but things are changing for the best! Hopefully these two articles will help you think of how you can utilize these trends for future campaigns.

Hivan Herrejon is a native Chicagoan who enjoys exploring the city and learning of great new restaurants and bars around the city!  In order to continue his exploration adventures around the city, he is currently enrolled as a part-time graduate student at Northwestern's Medill IMC program specializing in brand strategy and management.  Aside from being a graduate student, he is currently working for Oracle Marketing Cloud division that specialized in cross-channel marketing and digital orchestration. Feel free to tweet him at @hherrejon23

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