Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Big Battle of Twitter vs Time

As a marketing communications professional intrigued with the growing potential of social media, I always wondered what would be the right time ‘time of the day’ for a company to listen to their customers. When is it that the customers post on twitter, facebook, or blogs.   

With Twitter particularly, since it is the todays’ platform where customers complaint about brands and company want to be responsive instantly. Twitter to me always felt like a battle against the clock. But I found this great info graphic that helps us towards this dilemma.

This info graphic from will help us marketers know what time of the day majority of tweets are posted, whether afternoon or the evening time slot sees the most social engagement, and such other interesting facts about Twitter w.r.t. time of day.

With a new twitter account being opened every 5 seconds, with my Medill IMC approach where we look at marketing and social media with a quant heavy focus and it is all about optimizing the right resources to gain maximum effectiveness, I now know that Twitter is my best friend from 9-11am and 1-3pm every day.

Akshit Arora
M.S. Integrated Marketing Communications

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