Sunday, November 20, 2011

Using Augmented Reality to Sell Time

From my recent course as a student in Medill’s IMC department, I was exposed to the practical executions of the world of augmented reality. With an appreciation for innovations, being one amongst many reasons I chose to be a marketing – I’d wish to share this unique and innovative execution by Titan, an Indian watch manufacturing company.

Titan recently launched HTSE (Hi-Tech Self Energized) watches that run on light. To take the users close to the product experience, their local agency Maxus Digital conceived a first of its kind concept in the world: The World’s First Mobile Application Powered by LIGHT.

Users have to power the mobile app by pointing their phone’s camera to a light source such as the sun, a light, light bulb, or computer display, etc. An augmented realty feature was provided so that the users can virtually place the products in the HTSE collection of their choice on their wrist, capture the picture and share the same on their social networks!

You can have a look at the app in the video below:

Users can also check out the nearest store where they can find a HTSE watch through a GPS based store locator in the app. I think this is an unimaginable innovation taking product engagement to the next level and beautifully integrating augmented reality to create a UNIQUE experience for the customer. Augmented reality seems to have a great potential that can be harnessed for other marketing innovations in the near future.

Akshit Arora
M.S. Integrated Marketing Communications

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