Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Fabric Of Your Fashionable Life

The Fabric Of Your Fashionable Life
By: Alison Fyfe

Cotton Inc. is hitting the runway… and it’s not showcasing jeans and soft tees, standard staples the company is known for. This coming weekend in Miami, Cotton Inc. is partnering with MTV and to produce the world’s longest fashion show, complete with 1,440 looks and nearly 50 participating retailers and brands.

Ric Hendee, Senior VP of Consumer Marketing for Cotton Inc. states in an article written for Ad Age, “We find ways we can touch the consumer that hopefully help to add some flesh and bones to what we’re doing with our advertising”. ( Good thing one of their partners, Jack Morton Worldwide (JMW), the esteemed experiential marketing agency known for pushing the limits and creating memorable brand experiences, is speaking the exact same language. JMW did it with Samsung when they arranged a pop-up concert in Times Square featuring the Black Eyed Peas to launch Samsung’s 3D LED television. Not only did the event generate millions of media impressions, it also became the largest event that the area has ever hosted apart from New Year’s Eve, attracting over 15,000 people. Looks like they’re about to do it again.

As a graduate student at Northwestern’s Integrated Marketing Communications program, the notion around creating an advertising strategy that is differentiated, but also edgy enough to push through the clutter of a saturated market, is the key to catching consumer attention.

Cotton Inc. doesn’t seem to want to color within the lines when it comes to communicating the direction of their brand. Good thing Jack Morton opts for the Crayola box of 120 and isn’t afraid of tossing the coloring book and just grabbing a blank pad.

Alison Fyfe
Graduate Student
Medill IMC Program

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