Saturday, November 12, 2011

Virtual store in the subway, a great mobile marketing execution

Winner of the Grand Prix in Media, and Gold Lions for Direct and Outdoor at the 2011 Cannes International Festival of Creativity
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With rapidly growing usage of smartphones, marketers are trying to find a new opportunity to reach out to customers. Yet, since mobile marketing is a newly emerging field, finding an effective tactic is still a vague quest. Following is a very creative marketing execution that incorporates this changing trend and the capability of new technologies.
   Homeplus, a Korean branch of international retailer chain TESCO, is the second most popular store in South Korea. Yet, there is a definite gap between Homeplus and the market leader, E-Mart. In order to acquire more customers without expansion of stores, Homeplus started a unique marketing execution utilizing smart phones and QR code.

QR code is a rectangular code specifically designed for smartphone users, that if any smartphone user scans the code with certain applications, the code will automatically lead users to designated websites. As you can see from the above photos, Homeplus filled a display ad in subway with their products and QR code in it. By scanning items they want to buy, busy urban commuters can order these items on their phone, which will be delivered to their house. Amazing, isn’t it?

This seems like one of the best use of smartphones in marketing so far. It's still to early to tell if the virtual store generates high revenue, but it definitely brings the brand into customers’ lives in a creative way. And that means a lot in a competitive business world. Homeplus decided to offer more virtual stores in Korea.    

 * Recently, ebay launched a virtual store in Mahattan! Click here  

Ian YS Lee
Undergraduate IMC

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