Monday, November 21, 2011

Why We Should Talk About Horoscopes!

“ You must be an Aries?” I asked.  “How did you know?” One acquaintance gasped in surprise. 

            Many people may think that horoscope is just another superstition and that it lacks scientific proofs, but I find it very useful for social networking purposes.  Having studied and read into the horoscope descriptions from many websites and books, I know the distinct characteristics and personalities of each horoscope by heart.  I often can guess one’s horoscope just after a few acquaintances. 

As a typical Libra, I am very curious in people and relationships.  I am very fair and treat people I love with almost equal amount of care.  I like to trust people when I meet them and this is why I have to be very careful reading people to prevent me from being mistreated and disappointments in the future. 

            The skill of understanding the horoscopes has helped me made great friends up till now.   The topic of horoscope is often an effective icebreaker.  When a group of acquaintances sat down without anything less serious to talk about besides work and getting too direct with the personality questions, horoscope is often a very interesting way to engage people’s attention while also providing valuable content to the conversation.   To know one’s horoscope, we can ask for the person’s birthday then the conversation will quickly become very personal.  People always love to talk about themselves, so talking about horoscope, I will talk about their personalities and characteristics which will almost always engage that person’s interest.  After some denials and reaffirmations, we can get to know each other’s personalities better without feeling being intrusive.    

            Horoscope studies give you a pretty thorough description about the horoscope hence you will understand not only the superficial and positive qualities, it also tells you the negative and subconscious characteristics.  Sometimes knowing the horoscope, I can prepare myself for the shortcomings either from my own or others.  With these information you can get from a person, you can better interact with them.  Similar to the Myers Briggs Test, you can know the person’s strengths and weaknesses through understanding their horoscopes. 

            Personally, horoscopes has done me well not only had it helped me understood myself better so I can work to improve my shortcomings but it had also assisted me in becoming more natural at social networking.  So now, what is your horoscope?

Tracy Huang (@meowcatyu)
IMC Graduate Student at Northwestern University

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