Monday, November 21, 2011

Getting ready for Black Friday?

Being from Mexico City, the concept of Black Friday has always been very attractive to me.  It is hard to believe the incredible deals and countless sales across retailers in America. There are families that wait all year for this day and go crazy when they get to the stores, buying everything from apparel to electronics.  The amount of savings possible is incredible and it makes the wait and the crowds worthwhile for millions. However, with the rise of ecommerce and countless online retailers the shopping experience has shifted for consumers. The ability of purchasing online offers an alternative to those who are either not able to make it to the stores or simply prefer to avoid the people and the lines involved, especially on Black Friday.

Furthermore, shopping behavior has not only shifted towards online but also increasingly towards mobile.  Online merchants are setting up all sorts of applications for smart phones to entice their customers to shop on the go. According to the New York Times almost 10 percent of ecommerce purchases during the month of October were completed on a mobile device. Amazon states that over the past year the number of customers who shop on their mobile devices has nearly tripled in the United States. Smartphone apps have been developed left and right to facilitate mobile shopping; there are even online price-comparison apps available for consumers to make sure they are in fact getting the best available deal.

This upcoming Black Friday online retailers will be targeting shoppers who are browsing for deals on their mobile devices while they wait in endless lines.  The strategy is to reach consumers at the right moment when they are thinking about shopping.  The growing mobile market presents an opportunity to encourage people who make purchases on their mobile devices to shop more and those who are reluctant to try it for the first time.  Retailers are evolving with their customers. So remember if you are stuck in a long line this Friday you might check your smart phone for more amazing sales.  

Ana Rico IMC Graduate @armateos

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