Wednesday, February 15, 2017

3 Trends You Should Know About To Survive the Media Meltdown

As an advertising executive, your markets are in a state of massive disruption due to the decrease in content production and the low level accessibility to media channels by both marketers and consumers. As a graduate student from the Medill IMC program, I have found two articles that will provide insights for marketers to stay on top of things.

The first article by Kevin King talks about useful strategies that successful medias adopt today. It summarized 6 key elements for digital trends, including topics on content marketing, influencer marketing and popular transformations such as Blockchain. Also the statement around how mobile is not only shaping our lives but becoming a part of our identity should be deeply considered by marketers as well. In terms of e-commerce, the passage mentioned how this has been changing our lives, once again drawing many insightful predictions for our future digital directions. Here is the link to the article for more details: 6 Digital Trends in 2017 That Will Redefine Influence and Interaction for Marketers 

In the second article, Dave Chaffey shared his holistic views on the ecosystem digital medias have created which circulates through our everyday lives. By linking data charts and graphs with qualitative content, the passage offers a more direct and comprehensive perspective on how media technologies are shaping the marketing trend. The author also provided essentials toolkits that simplify digital marketing down to 8 key techniques which are crucial for businesses to manage their internal affairs. Different techniques may help drive more sales for you that fits multiple dimensioned perspective. Including techniques like AI, IoT, Wearables and more. Here’s the link to the second article: Digital Marketing Trends for 2017     

Based on my review of these two articles and relevant studies I have done at Northwestern University, I have developed three action items that you should incorporate into your business plans. They are:

1. Don’t Adapt, Prepare! -
  • Adapting to your environment is the easiest and most comfortable way to fall into traps, marketers should always be aware and prepare for what might come ahead.
2. Strategy Builds Momentum -
  • Strategy is what drives a company into action. Without deliberate thinking process, marketers will only be caught off guard if something goes wrong, and with that every hard work will go down the drain.
3. Details Drive Success -
  • It is important to be attentive when interacting with the environment around you. All problem solving solutions lies within the subtle mindset.

Stop staring and start grasping bits and pieces of clues around you to prepare for your future marketing agendas.

Alice Liang is currently a graduate student at Northwestern University under the Integrated Marketing Communication program. She will be graduating at the end of 2017 and her specializations are in digital & interactive marketing, brand strategy, customer insights & planning and marketing analytics.  

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