Friday, February 10, 2017

Mobile Strategy Manager: 3 Action Items to Lift Your ROI

Many mobile strategy managers struggle to better understand the role social advertising plays but what most of you don’t know is how to break out from the clutters.  As a marketing strategist in Northwestern Medill IMC, I have found two articles, which address the subject of lifting return of mobile investment.

According to Pelleri, people spent 80% of their time on apps and only 20% for browsing, which gives a huge opportunity to invest or advertise on mobile. The concept of “Internet of Customers” address the importance of consumers who decide the way that brand should reach them. Hence it is important to avoid negative user experience before you implement any mobile strategy like implanting advertisement or launching an app. Today’s customers want to play an active role in company operation through social media which enable the marketers to listen to real-time and authentic demand.

The second article from Bechar addressed the importance of mobile strategy in rebranding process. Marketers should think about firstly if the mobile is a good fit for the brand and target market: the one-fit-all model does not work anymore. Mobile is a good place to put your new logo, new value proposition and new language so make sure to invest on a mobile-friendly and responsive app and acquire more customers.

Based on my review of these 2 articles and relevant studies I have done at Medill IMC, Northwestern University, here are 3 items you should keep in mind whenever you come out with a new mobile strategy. They are:

1.    Engage to ProfitIdentify customers pain points in mobile and manage your Omni Channels in the most effective way.

2.    Test before Investrecruit a sample of participants and test overall usability and ensure the functions and designs are easily understood.

3.   Leverage Personalization FeaturesForget about one-size-fits-all strategies and maximize the ability of customization for each user.

The ultimate goal to invest on mobile is to better serve your customers and be a part of their life, not because other brands have launched their mobile plan.

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