Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Digital Marketing Managers – 3 Important Things To Know About Email Marketing in 2017

As a Digital Marketing Manager, you have probably noticed that the world of email marketing is transitioning quickly.  The quality and timeliness of content is becoming very important. As a graduate student at Northwestern University with a passion for digital strategy, I have found two articles on email marketing that I think you will find helpful and interesting.

Jeremy Smith, Entrepreneur, in his article: No Email Marketing Strategy Is Complete Without These Two Tactics” at Unbounce presents an overview of the elements needed for a successful, unified marketing strategy. Jeremy provides a detailed report of why companies should have a dedicated landing page for all their campaigns and why marketers should segment their email lists to capture the right customers at the right time. His examples of each tactic are compelling and encourage marketers to take a second look at their customers. Creating the appropriate experience before and after the “click” is vital.

Jordie van Rijn brings forth a popular discussion in his article: “10 MarTech Experts Decipher the Future of Email Marketing and Marketing Automation” on EmailMonday.  In this article, marketing professionals come together to discuss important and interesting marketing trends including “predictive lead scoring” and “the tone of emails.” Considering both small and large businesses, the author takes a holistic stance on what strategies will be valuable as we progress into 2017. Evolution is the main premise of this article and strongly encourages marketers to quickly get aboard the fast moving train of email.

 After conducting an analysis of these two articles using my knowledge and work on digital strategy at Northwestern University, I have three recommendations that you should consider when planning your 2017 email marketing strategy:

  • Segment your audience – Understand where your readers are in the journey with your company.
  • Enlist user interactivity – Interactivity can reduce barriers to engagement.
  • Understand big data – Personalization is becoming a key to keeping users involved. 

Email Marketing is evolving quickly and it is in the best interest of marketers to be interactive, personalized, and familiar with their audience.

As a digital strategist in a world of advanced technology, I continuously strive to be a visionary that can communicate to various audiences with an element of personalization. I have worked in the B2B realm for 4 years and have helped brands position themselves in the appropriate communication channels.  To contact me, please email me at

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