Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Digital media managers: 3 ways to improve digital media performance

As a digital media manager, you need to consider how to use different ways to attract audiences and improve digital media performance. As a graduate student of MSJ in Medill, I have found two articles that will give you action items to gain audiences' attention.

In " We know about tablets",  Joshua LauritoHead of Data & Analytics at Fusion Media Group, reported that audiences think tablet experience is similar with desktop experience. Audiences also prefer to use tablets to view pages instead of social network. This means audiences might use tablets to kill time and do some simple work. Besides some traditional forms,  digital managers also need to find ways to create new forms that are suitable on tablets.
Audiences prefer to sue tablets in their spare time

 In "Facebook:Video will be 70% of mobile traffic by 2021" , Jefferson Graham, USA Today columnist, reported that video will be 70% of mobile traffic by 2021 and Facebook is working on new tools to get more people to use its video streaming Live. Even though there are various forms to express  content online, video will be a primary form in the future. This reminds that digital managers should figure out the strategy that will be used in the video predominant digital world.

After reading these two articles and from my years experience as a radio host working at a music radio station in China, here are three action items that you can use them to improve your digital media performance:

  •       Design tablet content: try to design some content that is suitable for audiences to consume it by using tablets.

  •       Produce Video first: producing video content is primary for digital media since audiences would love to watch videos online especially mobile users.

  •        Create live channel: creating live channel is an effective way to gain more engagements of audiences.

These changes will improve your digital media performance and audiences will be interested in your channel consistently.

   Ann Chen is a graduate student in media strategy at Northwestern Medill School and will graduate in June 2017. I have been a radio host at a music radio station in China for a couple of years. I am interested in combining media with technology and local services I also think that media will be not only an information platform but also a services platform in the future. You can contact me through Twitter @annchen2017.

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