Friday, February 17, 2017

3 Ways to Better Integrate AI into Your Business Strategy

As a brand manager, incorporating AI into your business plans is important for brand recognition and growth. Using AI is essential for brand recognition growth and fast return on investments. As a graduate student at Northwestern University looking out for current developments in IMC, I have found two remarkable articles on how AI will affect future of marketing that you will find useful for your business decisions.  

Artificial intelligence (AI) And The Future Of Marketing: 6 Observations From Inbound 2016 by Gil Press is very fascinating and informative article that provides detailed overview of Inbound 2016 convention. It is one of most important conventions that brings together best sales and marketing professionals from around the globe. This convention reminds brand managers that AI will substitute all mechanical work in marketing, but will not bother creative and strategic processes. In 2017 the era of bots has begun, really soon AI will take over online customer support chats and bots will seamlessly communicate with consumers without them noticing that this is not a human being. Speakers reassured marketers concerns and confirmed the good part of the trend by saying “Marketers will not be replaced by AI and will be able to skip the boring stuff.”

Another article about AI written by Lisa Manthei - 5 ways AI marketing boosts campaign performance & ROI is describing 5 key ways how to boost marketing campaigns using AI. Lisa describes in detail how companies must understand the concepts of machine learning and big data. She talks about endless amount of data to analyze, and reminds marketers that AI is here and developing fast. Also she mentions that in today’s AI environment, brand managers need to react fast and start using the most powerful AI marketing tools now, as is the next big thing and competition is already taking action. This article is just confirming that marketers will not lose their jobs, just automation of mechanical processes will untie marketers hands to work on good strategies, content, and creative ideas.

Taking into consideration these two articles, my work experience and knowledge gained at Northwestern University, below three actions are required:

  • First Movers = Most Profits - If you want to get into AI market, you need to be aggressive to your competition and take actions now
  • AI is Here & Growing - You need to believe that this is the next big thing
  • Think Big Data - Big data actually helps in developing AI and remodeling marketing solutions all over the world

Victor Yakovlev

Northwestern University, Medill Integrated Marketing Communications MS full-time student and customer-focused strategic marketer with 10 years of international experience. Worked as a branch manager for Unicore Overseas in Moscow from 2012  2015 and positioned European company on fast paced Russian market. 

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