Sunday, February 19, 2017

Digital Marketers - 3 ways to leverage the power of data

As a marketer, it is crucial to develop your big data skills and utilizing data to gain a better understanding of your high customers to survive. As a graduate student at Northwestern University, the Medill school of Integrated Marketing Communications, I have found two articles that help you spot the latest trending of data analysis.

With Trump being sent to the White House and EU Referendum outcome, the huge effect of social media has on the society has been largely proven. From the new year to come, platforms are maturing and moving towards advertising-paid media and innovative technology. Marketers are now being offered more media buying options and are able to reach audiences and create personalized campaigns at an unprecedented level. However, higher quality second-layer statistics are more inaccessible, it’s important for marketers to analyze past simpler metrics. The new trend in 2017, according to Marc Smith, Director at Social Media Research Foundation, is to look at the structure of connections, that is: the same group of people can form various patterns of connection with one another. 

Author: James Ovenden 
Publication: Innovation Enterprise


Data-driven marketing has become the major trend to explore the insights and current trending of your market. To be successful in your business, it’s extremely crucial to understand your customers through data analysis. According to the CEO of Zeta Interactive, David Steinberg has brought up several key changes about the data-driven marketing. What you should do if user-friendly data analytic softwares become ready on the market and you can truly take advantage of the power of big data? What will happen when the data is not confined within single platform anymore? What’s the potential market for you, technology-savvy and data-driven marketers, when everyone now believes data analysis does work?

Author: David Steinberg

Based on my reviews of these two articles and relevant studies I have done in the Medill Integrated Marketing Communications program at Northwestern University. I have come up with three action items you should consider doing immediately. They are:

  • Learn Data analytics software: Take advantage of these data analytics software and leverage the power of data science!
  • Keep up the pace: You have to conduct your data analysis in real-time since information flows instantly around the world and you don’t want to be left behind.
  • Include every social platform: Social platforms can offer you multiple resources in gaining insights of your target customers. Be aware of conversations going on in the online forums and hottest topics being discussed.

Always remind yourself these three actions items and think of what you should improve to power the Big Data.

Chia-Ching Tsai is a graduate student in the Integrated Marketing Communications program at Northwestern University (expected to graduate at Winter 2017). Im interested in marketing research and data analysis. You can contact me on Twitter or Linkedin. 


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