Sunday, February 12, 2017

Brand Strategists: 3 Effective Tips for Enhanced Customer Experience

In today’s marketing world, customers’ minds and hearts can be lured away in an instant, how are your brands addressing your customers’ experience? As a graduate in the Integrated Marketing Communications program at Northwestern University, I found two compiling articles that address this issue that you may be interested in.

The Art of Customer Delight , by Thomas Stewart  and Patricia O’Connell, states that customer service should be performed with as much care as brands designs their products and delivered expertly where a brand’s strategic goals and want your customers’ values are met. When you think creatively about the interactions between your brand and your customers, you will continuously delight your audience and see brand growth. Great customer service is not a consequence of attentive management, culture or good intentions, great customer service must be built from the core of the business. When designing service, think about the customers’ journey and experience, whether it’s physical, mental or over-time then analyze every touch-point as an opportunity to engage.

The Growing Importance of Marketing Experiences , written by Robert Caruso, states that customers experience a brand at purchase and after sales while being bombarded with experiences from competitors within the market; brand must focus on the experience they want their customers to have now and into the future. A study by Accenture revealed that 29% of CMO and CEO said new entrants are using customer experience as a key differentiator and 30% of them believe new entrants are better at providing positive customer experience than traditional players. Marketing experiences can be taken two ways, market the kind of experiences your customers expect or market from carefully created content designed to touch on emotional connections addressing all needs, wants, and challenges your customer has. When brands are new to a market, you are flexible with less bureaucracy and have an innovative mindset like no other, use these powers to create enhanced experiences to improve your customers’ journey.

Based on my review of these two articles and through relevant studies at Northwestern University, I have developed three effective tips brands should be doing now to enhance their customers experience.

  • Simplify Customer Journey - Through effective customer service designs and deeply understanding your customers; save customers time and get into their minds not their hearts.

  • Competitors Disrupt Experiences - In a good way! Differentiate yourself from the big players by providing a customer experience they can’t match and let your creativity run wild. 

  • Create Marketing Experiences - Creating high quality content marketing that targets emotions and drive desires results in, improved, enhanced and innovative experiences for every consumer.

Brands these days are underwhelming their customers and losing money at the same time, it’s time to stop and take action with these 3 tips in effective customer experience.

Mercedes Wong

A strategy consultant with international experience in Asia and North America. Currently completing her M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University and is immensely passionate about brand strategy and digital marketing. Originally from Hong Kong, grew up in Toronto and studied in Scotland, she brings a unique perceptive and an international mindset to any occasion. Contact Mercedes on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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