Sunday, February 12, 2017

Beauty Industry Executive-3 Ways to Keep Up with the New Trend

Today your competitors are exploring how to use the Internet of Things. Think smart and be technologically savvy is quite important for the industry to meet consumers’ needs. As a graduate student at Northwestern University looking out for current development in IMC, I have found 2 useful articles on how beauty companies are creating augmented reality to aggregate more customers.

MakeupGenius Changes Makeup Application Forever is an article published by L’Oreal Paris. The AR-powered beauty app, Make Up Genius, now turns iPhone screen into mirrors to over-lay make-up onto the user’s face, which is a brilliant devise for customers. By giving users the ability to try and test products before they buy, it offers greater value for customers, solving common problems and bringing convenience to them. What’s more, it also gives consumers the opportunity to get expert or professional advice, resulting in a far more personal and customized experience all-round.

By Nikki Gilliland

Another article about virtual Makeover is written by Anu Passary- Best Apps For Virtual Makeover: ModiFace, L’Oreal Makeup Genius, Hair Color Booth And More. It simply introduces the new trend, including not only the different makeups but also hairstyles in beauty industry and recommended some virtual makeover’s best app. 

Based on the 2 articles, my working experience, knowledge I absorbed at Northwestern University and even the passion over beauty and fashion trends, I have developed three action items that you may need to think of immediately:

  • Be Customer Centric-The virtual App is successful because it brings convenience to customers, which resonates their request.
  • Think Multi-Media- Marketing in a multi-media way means greater impact, greater connectivity, and greater engagement.
  • User-friendly Works- If it’s a user-friendly tool, it will automatically aggregate customers to use it, which brings better profit.
When you are developing your marketing strategies, consider IOT and the its meaning behind it.


  Melody Chang is a graduate student in the Integrated Marketing Communications program at Northwestern University. My past working experience includes digital marketing, event planer, and customer relationship management. You can contact me on LinkedIn and Twitter

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