Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Brand Mangers: Stay Competitive & Gain Market Share

As a Brand Manager, your brand essence is the leading force in differentiating your brand from competitors and creating a positive perception in the minds of consumers. Through Northwestern University’s Medill IMC program, I have learned the importance of establishing a brand image and voice that will keep consumers intrigued and have found articles reiterating the importance of  these strategies when managing a brand.

One article that gave a deeper understanding of the importance of a messaging strategy is Develop Your Voice: Three Keys to Killer Messaging. This article discusses how marketers must go beyond being noticed has having a great logo and focus on the overall image their brand represents. Strategic messaging needs to be considered when trying to reach prospect consumers. The overall goal is to get these consumers to know, like and trust your brand. If the strategy is implemented correctly, consumers will directly choose your brand when a need arises because they will feel comfortable with your brand voice and image.

While building trust among your audience through messaging strategies, it is also imperative to engage your audience through digital platforms as discussed in Six Tips to Get Your Consumers Talking About Your Brand at the Dinner Table. This article discusses how competitive advantage demands consumers attention. The power of social media enables consumers to feel as if they’re part of your brand. Empowering these consumers will only lead to brand ambassadors who will talk favorably.

After reviewing these articles, I have found three key important aspects that will aid you in developing a brand voice that is powerful. These three tips will help you develop a brand image that will connect with your audience and increase your brand awareness:
  • Authenticity Is King: Complete an overall assessment of your current brand and messaging strategy to determine if it’s authentic.
  • Focus on Innovative Messaging: Develop, or continue to develop, a strategic messaging strategy that will help you stand out from competitors and be on the minds of target consumers.
  • Profit from Social Media: Use social media as a tool to foster a deeper relationship with consumers.
As a Brand Manager, every form of content must convey your brand image and build your brand essence. Implementing the above actions items will not only distinguish your brand from competitors, but will build a deeper relationship with your audience. Executing these strategies will ultimately be a reward for your brand because it will create loyal consumers, which will lead to your brand possessing a strong position in the marketplace.

Bianca M. Harris is a graduate student at Northwestern University in Medill’s Integrated Marketing Communications program. She is the Social Media Director of Vitamin IMC. Bianca can be reached on Twitter at @biancamharris.

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