Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bloggers and Authors: 3 Tips on the Power of Creative and Visual Storytelling

To increase brand awareness with products and services, an innovative approach to tell brand
stories using consumer insights and product benefits while creating that “eye popping” experience builds measurable results. As a graduate student in the Northwestern Medill, Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) program with an interest in visual storytelling, I have discovered 2 articles you will find interesting and informative. The best way to increase positive human experience and ongoing dialogue is to tell your story with an impactful visual and creative story. In today’s fast paced digital environment, a good visual story with a good caption serves well as people make decisions within seconds as they surf the web.

In, "8 ways to get likes, followers on Instagram,Hannah Clark, Social Media Coordinator of Hootsuite wants to help marketers through the plateau stage of likes and followers. The article discusses ways to leverage Instagram to increase likes and followers.  Ms. Clark suggests that each photograph carry a theme coupled with awesome content. The captions will need to match the photos. To build loyalty and a relationship with followers, stick to a schedule. To create and maintain brand engagement, use unique hashtags to encourage tagging of their photos. Conversations and comments on photos should be in real time to maintain and increase engagement.

Visualize, Create, Be Authentic
In "5 things to pillage from game of thrones," Digital Strategist and NewsCred Blogger, Lauren B. Mangiaforte shared content on how marketers can learn from the HBO television show; Game of Thrones (GoT) amazing storytelling abilities and applies it to marketing strategies. The Game of Throne‘s social media channels are robust with amazing and engaging content. To successfully create good content with the right images, Ms. Mangiaforte suggests that we define and develop meaningful content matched with awesome visual images. To make a larger impact, include traditional marketing in the mix. Once your target audience responds to content, engage, entertain, monitor and build on-going relationships across all necessary platforms (traditional and social media). To increase brand image, give the audience something meaningful and valuable.

After reading these two articles and from my studies in the Northwestern Medill IMC program, I
have three action items you should consider in your next digital story campaign:
  • Visualize- an image that will attract your target audience.
  • Tell- a story with awesome and meaningful content.
  • Schedule- compelling engagement strategies to build an ongoing relationship with your targeted audience.
Visualizing, creating and telling an authentic brand story is an art form. Integrating digital, social and traditional marketing shapes the experience.

My name is Crystal Tousana and I am a Medill, Integrated Marketing Communications Graduate student at Northwestern University. I graduate August 2015 and am passionate about Consumer/Lifestyle Public Relations, Visual Storytelling, Blogging and Photojournalism. You can follower me on Twitter or get connected on LinkedIn.

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