Monday, May 11, 2015

Digital Managers: 3 Tips on Adding a New Dimension to Mobile Ads

               Digital marketers are constantly trying to find the new big thing to attract customers' attention. As a graduate student in the Northwestern Medill Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program with an interest in digital and social marketing, I have found two articles on 3D mobile ads that are pushing the boundaries of mobile marketing. 3D mobile ads are a developing trend that allows brands to immerse consumers in a fully interactive experience with their products.

               A recent Adweek article from Lauren Johnson details the 3D mobile ad trend as it goes through an early development phase. There are multiple examples of some recent ads utilizing this technology. There are a couple different styles of ads shown. One is a somewhat basic Jameson ad that makes it seem like a shot of whiskey is being sent down the bar right to the user’s fingertips. Another example is more involved, where users can actually interact and engage with a Ford Mustang to look through 360 degree views of the car.  But as the article mentions, the trend is still young and not everyone has bought in. Moreover, it mentions an Interactive Advertising Bureau statistic that “only 27 percent of mobile marketers have bought programmatic ads.” So while technology companies and brands are testing out the 3D mobile ads, there is still much uncertainty about the viability of the trend.

(source: Mobile Marketer)

               Another article by Michael Barris on Mobile Marketer detailed one of the early attempts at the 3D format from Mazda. It was one of the first experiments with the technology, so as expected the ad was rather simplistic. The article details some of the technology of how the 3D optical illusion is created and lays a great foundation in understanding the process.

              After reading these articles and based on my learning in Northwestern Medill's IMC program, I've created 3 recommendations to help you stay ahead of the game:
Dive into the technology - Companies mentioned like Cxense are the technology experts to help you see if your brand can use this technology to add a new dimension to your mobile marketing.

Try it yourself - Check out Amobee’s website to try it out for yourself! They were responsible for Ford’s Mustang ad, and they have video demos on their website.

Follow 3D - Getting a head start on other companies can help you take full advantage of this new marketing form.   

3D mobile marketing is still a nascent movement, but it is something that can really help your brand stand out amid the marketing clutter!
Alan Wu is a graduate student at Northwestern University’s Medill Integrated Marketing Communications program, with an interest in digital and social media marketing. I received my Bachelor’s degree from Medill in journalism. I spent 3 years in Japan learning a new language and view of life before deciding to come back to Medill to continue my education.

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