Monday, May 11, 2015

Start-ups: 3 Tips on How to Increase Online Visibility to Grow your Business

As a Start-up, you know it is important to engage with your high value consumers wherever they are online. As a graduate student in the Northwestern Medill Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program with an interest in content marketing and online visibility I have found two articles to share with you that you will find interesting and helpful.

Ever wonder where your customers hang out online and how to reach them? I summarized two articles I found below and included 3 tips on how your Start-up can gain leverage online and reach your target markets to grow your business.

Nathan Yerian from Adhere Creative, a marketing and brand development agency, wrote an article titled: 5 ways to reach your target market online. In this article, Nathan emphasizes that audience engagement is crucial to reach your target market. He also discusses strategies to gain a competitive advantage in the online marketplace such as building a persona of your target market which is the first key step.

In a Biz Journal Publication titled: 5 steps you must take to reach your target customer, author Spider Graham  goes deeper in how exactly to identify who your ideal target market is. Spider says that it is important for companies to know that “everyone” is never your audience and that getting specific is what will help you grow your visibility in the long run. He suggests to start with identifying demographic points and slowly move towards what beliefs, opinions, and attitudes your target audience has. Identifying your target audience will make it easier to find the right channels to communicate with your target audience once you identify them.

After reading these two articles and from my graduate studies in the Northwestern Medill IMC program I have three action items you should consider in the next couple months to grow your online visibility and business.

3 action steps to grow your online visibility and business

1.     Do Interviews: Find out your customer’s interests through conducting a minimum of 3 live interviews with your ideal customer.
2.     Write articles: Blog about your customer’s interests through creating powerful content and post them in places where your customer hangs out.
3.     Get testimonials: Create real life testimonial videos or stories to display on your site from past clients or people you have helped with your expertise.

Before taking the 3 action steps I listed above be sure to identify your target audience first as Spider Graham mentioned in the article discussed above. After that jump straight into the 3 steps and you will be well on your way to greater online visibility!  

Author Bio 

Aditi Ramchandani is a marketing and branding specialist for entrepreneurs looking to build online visibility to grow their business. She helps businesses amplify their brands so they can amplify their lives and businesses! She is currently a Masters student in Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University and graduates in December 2015. Website: Twitter: @amplifywithadit Linked In:

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  1. One of the methods I chose as a new start-up, was to not only blog from my personal website, but use an internet revenue-sharing company to write a blog about the type of business I run in order to direct the right audience to my site. It also allowed me to add poll-style questions - ideal for gauging the market.

    Regina Morales @ Sonic Response