Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Future Trend of branding--Mobile Marketing

  The arrival of digital era changes the way brand establishment and brand communication.  Generally speaking, people believe that the interactivity of mobile device can be very helpful for branding. However, the speed of change, the large amount of data, and the empowering customers make branding more and more difficult. Marketers are trying their best to market through mobile devices, but how to improve the efficiency remain a big problem. 

  The first article talks about the importance of a mobile-first strategy in the market. Mobile is not about informing customers what are available in the store; it’s about connecting dots across earned, paid and owned media and anticipating needs of customers. Agencies should be the one to create mobile programs to drive business results for the clients. See Agencies: It's Time to Drive a Mobile-First Strategy for Brands by Puneet Mehta on:
  The second article talks about the specific tactics the company can use to build a mobile app. Mobile app is a significant part of mobile marketing. The article points out the key to make mobile app include being integrated with other marketing strategies, be real-time and be valuable for the customers. See How Brands Can Build a Successful App Strategy by Kunur Patel on

  Based on the contents in both of the articles, there are three actions plans I recommend for marketers in digital era:
  • Mobile marketing is the priority to brand building in the changing and interactive environment.
  • Mobile marketing should be consistent with other marketing channels. Integration is the key.
  • Mobile marketing should focus on personal interactions with customers; engagement is the key.
In generally, the key is to adopt mobile strategy as soon as possible. Mobile strategy should be part of a consistent marketing strategy and focus on increasing engagement with customers. 

"Cathy" Qinxin Hu is a M.S candidate in Integrated Marketing Communications in Medill school, Northwestern University. with a bachelor background in international business economics. She is interested in brand communications, strategic planning and consumer insight in both quantitative way and qualitative way. You can follow her on: @QinxinHU on twitter. 

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