Sunday, May 10, 2015

CMO: 3 ways to use instant messaging apps helps you win the attention economy

As a CMO, instant apps are changing the way many people connect with each other and influence their decisions on purchasing products. As an Integrated Marketing Communications [IMC] student from Northwestern University, I have found two articles on festivals you will find interesting and necessary for today's digital marketing landscape.

According to TamasTorok's article "5 Reasons To Use Instant Messaging Apps for Marketing" on Social Media Today, instant apps can be used to create higher engagement and conversion rate for brands. People are more likely to share via instant messaging apps. The nature of this platform allows marketers to segment market and personalize interaction. The smartphone on consumer's hand shortens the distance between marketers and consumers and takes marketing to a interpersonal communication level. With more trust and accurately targeted messages, instant messaging is becoming a powerful tool in digital marketing campaign to realize higher percentage of reach, better customer engagement engagement and higher conversion rate.

In Puneet Mehta's article "Message to Marketers: Mobile Chat Is the Next Killer App" on Ad Age, he listed 5 ways for marketers to connect and engage with customers on instant apps. If you are still doubt at implementing your marketing plan on instant messaging, these specific implementations shows that marketers not only can utilize it for personalized content, but also customer service and better problem solving. In the transition to service marketing, there is no doubt that instant messaging provides more touchpoints to reach consumers and a timely channel to better serve consumers. 

After reading these two articles and from my graduate studies in the Northwestern Medill IMC program, I have three practical action items for you to consider in your next digital marketing plan.
  • Segment Messages -- tailor your messages based on digging into users data and behavior-driven segmentation approach. Studying your consumers by interacting with them and making your messages right on points.
  • Personalize Content -- enhance customer engagement by adjusting content based on customers intension and updating it according to context. People like and trust personalized and contextual messages.
  • Integrate Customer Services -- extend your customer services on instant messaging apps to timely respond consumers' problems. Don't limit your digital marketing plan in content and communication, use it for problem solving!

In sum, instant messaging apps create additional touchpoints with best value customers and increase their value. If you don't take a step in the game now, your competitor will take it.

ChristyLu is a Master Candidate in Integrated Marketing Communications at Medill, Northwestern University. She is currently a member of the Spiegel researchCenter Impact Marketing Team, and working on developing content strategy to leverage awareness of SRC’s research and insights. She is passionate about digital and social marketing and will be graduated from Medill IMC in Dec. 2015. Feel free to repost and connect with her on Twitter: @ChristyLu0111 

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