Friday, May 8, 2015

Digital Marketers: Well Established Contents Arouse Brand Love Through Programmatic Bidding - EDITED

As digital marketers, expand the awareness of their brand is always on top of their mind. In digital marketing, this also means putting the content in the right time in the right place for the right people. Well established contents combine with programmatic bidding can arouse brand love among target consumers in the future.

"Programmatic in 2015: 3 Resolutions for Brands", written by Bod Arnold and published on January 2015. In this article, Bod talked about brand measurement nowadays can be done from awareness to strength. To leverage the quality of inventory, there are also ways such as using private market place and programmatic direct buyers to avoid the inventory quality issues. The article also emphasized the importance of mobile media. In summary, programmatic bidding helps digital marketers to establish a deeper brand connection by helping them to get the right ad to the right consumers on any screen through any channel.


Caleb Govsalves' article "Man vs. Machine: From Programmatic to Empowerment in Digital Marketing," which is written on March 2015 is about the 2015 iMedia Summit. In this article, Caleb commented on this year's iMedia Summit and the hot topic "Who will win a fight of man versus machine." Caleb states that there is not even necessary a fight between men and machine on digital advertising. Marketing is shifting to consumer empowerment, and programmatic bidding should give the exact content out to attract consumers emotionally and empower consumers to build a brand love.

After reading these two articles and from my graduate studies in the Northwestern Medill IMC program, I have three recommendations for digital marketers:

  • Updating Program - Continuously purify the program in automatically bidding, and embrace the most up-to-date techniques to target the right group of people using valid data.

  • Emphasis Consumer Insight - Combine consumer insight into content building, and try to build brand love by touching consumer's heart.

  • Mobile Worth Efforts - Mobile platform is important as time goes on. In the future mobile platform could be more popular than other platforms, so build the right bidding strategy and content for mobile to reach consumers in a digital era.

All in all, with digital bidding technologies advancing at a high speed, together with a well established brand content to accurately target consumers, it is proper to expect programmatic bidding to create business miracles.

Grace Song is a graduate student in the Integrated Marketing and Communication program and will graduate in December 2015. Grace has a passion in digital/interactive marketing including social media and SEO&SEM, and is seeking for an opportunity to work in digital/interactive and social media marketing for her career.
Grace can be reached at Tweeter @gracesung1011.

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