Monday, May 11, 2015

Digital Media Planners: 3 Tips to Succeed in the Future of Media Buying

As a digital media planner, you know how important it is to put your content on the right media platform. 
As a graduate student in Integrated Marketing Communications [IMC] program at Medill, Northwestern University, with an interest in digital marketing and media buying, I have found two articles discussing the future media trend that may help you better deliver your content. 

In the first article, The Future May Belong to Web and Mobile Video, but TV Will Survive, the author, Randall Rothenberg, the president and CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau points out that television will still lead. Television will enter into its new digital form, providing great customized content to the audience. By saying that TV has proved remarkably resilient and adaptable during its history, he believes that TV could evolve rapidly to meet changes of consumer interests and marketing needs. On the one hand, consumers will have a better experience on media consumption with the bigger screen. On the other hand, now nearly every program is available on demand through cable providers and online through their own networks' websites. Moreover, the sticky advertising concepts are defined by innovation and time. 

At the same time, Rene Rechtman, the president of international at the Disney-owned multichannel network Maker Studios, predicts that in 10 years, TV land will be more with on-demand streaming services. On “The viewing habits would soon move completely away from traditional scheduled live TV”, Reported by Lara O’reilly on Maker Studios exec: "TV will be dead in 10 years", he says that people might still consume media on TV, but not in a linear way. Researches from on millennials’ media consumption from the Ofcom, Intelligence and BTIG show that millennials watch far less linear TV and the prime time still exists. In conclusion, TV will still be consumers’ media consumption platform, but companies should diversify themselves to build safety nets to protect businesses against the threat of falling linear TV ratings.

After reviewing these articles, and based on my experience through the graduate program at Northwestern Medill IMC, here are three actions which you should think about to lead in the future media buying:
  • Retreat from linear TV- Online streaming service will win over linear TV, and it is the time pull back from traditional TV.
  • Invest on streaming service on all channels- The customized way to offer consumers great content will lead the future. Don’t give up TV totally, because TV will survive and might be a channel to deliver on-service streaming service.
  • Make flexible media buying plans- The technology development will reshape people’s media consumption behaviors and it changes quickly and dramatically. The media buying plan will be adjusted every time technology booms.  
In sum, TV will still be the media consumption channel, but TV service will be more streaming than linear. Based on that trend, digital media planners should pay more attention on streaming service.

Beth Yanjin Mi is a full-time M.S. candidate in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) at Medill, Northwestern. I’m interested in technology and CPG industry. I envision myself working in digital marketing upon graduation in Dec.2015. 
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